COBRA Compliance Services for Employers

Benefit Compliance Inc. is a cutting edge consulting firm that focus’ solely on COBRA Compliance.
Our client base includes employers from all industries and company sizes.

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Benefit Compliance Inc. is powered by a fully licensed a state-of-the-art COBRA Compliance software product, allowing us to offer:

  • WEB access to employers for data entry and more importantly 24/7 access to COBRA participant information
  • Benefit Compliance Inc. provides a contract to the employer defining the employer’s and Benefit Compliance Inc.’s responsibilities and liability
  • Forms for the employer to notify Benefit Compliance Inc. of all newly hired and newly eligible COBRA eligible employees
  • Forms for the employer to notify Benefit Compliance Inc. of all COBRA “qualifying events”
  • All notifications are sent from the office of Benefit Compliance Inc. with Department of Labor approved documentation process
  • Initial, documented, notification of COBRA eligibility to all eligible employees
  • Accessible history of each active primary qualified beneficiary, providing an audit trail of notifications sent and premium payment history
  • Customization using client selected parameters
  • Monthly client reports of COBRA activity
  • Customer support services
  • Premium coupons for all “qualified beneficiaries”
  • COBRA premium rate change notices to all “qualified beneficiaries”
  • All subsequent required notifications and the required documentation,
  • Receipt of COBRA premium

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